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Fully Covid-Secure, we are working hard behind the scenes at Fresh to provide our residents with the best possible living experience. 


Watch this short video to find out how we’re adapting to the ‘new normal’ and keeping all our residents safe.


In this section you’ll find all you need to know about how we are continuing to provide a fantastic service to our current and future residents in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


From before you move in, to the day you arrive, and throughout your time living with us we promise:


  • To build thriving communities both in person and online
  • To keep you updated with the latest official advice & guidance
  • To ensure our homes are as safe and healthy as possible

We’ve already put lots of plans into action including:


  • Installing Perspex screens and signage throughout our properties to aid social distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of all communal areas
  • Additional Covid-19 training for all of our fantastic Residents Teams
  • An updated move-in programme to ensure everyone is Covid-Courteous


Below we’ve answered some frequently asked questions to outline the steps we have taken so far and our plans moving forward. We’ll be updating these pages regularly so please come back for the very latest information.






Can I book an apartment now?

Yes, and whilst we appreciate you may not be able to attend a viewing in person, we can arrange virtual viewings at a time that suits you! One of our team will take you on a bespoke personal virtual tour of the property, and answer any questions you have on what it’s like to live there! Just get in touch with the General Manager of your chosen location to book. Many of our apartments also have video tours – take a look at the “Videos” page of your chosen location on our website.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page too as we often live stream tours of our property!


How will life at a Fresh property change?

Whilst none of us know what the next few months will bring, we can promise you that we will provide you the very best living experience during your stay. We pride ourselves on an exceptional standard of service and we will not let Covid-19 get in our way!


We are keeping a close eye on government advice across the UK, and putting in place a range of measures to ensure our properties are fully Covid-secure.


At selected properties we’ve introduced Facebook pages which allow you to meet your fellow residents online and join community events such as virtual cocktail making and quizzes.  In the not too distant future we look forward to you getting to know your neighbours better in one of our great social areas.




Is the Reception open?

We continue to provide a staff presence at all of our locations to ensure that the properties remain safe and the welfare of our residents is maintained.  Those properties which offer a reception service continue to do so, although opening hours may be different.


Whilst we are encouraging Social Distancing in line with Government Guidelines, all of our Residents’ Team are directly contactable by phone or email with any queries or concerns, or just for a friendly chat. We just ask that when visiting Reception, or collecting parcels that you maintain a 2m distance with other residents and our staff and keep washing your hands regularly.


Are social spaces open?

We will always work to have our social spaces and gyms open.  However, there may be times when, following guidance from Public Health England to ensure the health and safety of our residents and staff, these may need to close.  If there is a change of guidance, or the infection rate within a property rises, we will let you know.


Are visitors allowed?

Your apartment or studio is your home.  For this reason we will ask you to follow the latest Government Guidance on whether visitors are permitted inside the home.  For the safety of everyone in the property there may be times when we need to limit our social spaces to Residents only – if this needs to happen we will let you know.  We appreciate this is a difficult time for everyone and it can be hard to keep up with the latest guidance so we will always keep you updated and if you’re unsure please just ask – we are here to help!


What can I do to protect myself from Covid-19?

The scientific evidence suggests that the most effective method of protecting yourself is to social distance, wash hands and keep surfaces clean. We also ask you to use the hand sanitiser dispensers which are placed at the main entrances to the property.


You will notice that around our property we have placed signage regarding social distancing. Please can we ask you to continue to socially distance and comply with the restrictions that we have put in place?


You will have seen our cleaning teams disinfecting all high traffic touch points, such as door handles and banisters. This is to reduce the risk of the infection spreading through those areas of the property that you touch the most.


You can also help protect yourself by frequently washing your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds every time you return to the property following a trip to the shops or your outdoor exercise.


If you are living in any of our properties and are contacted by your local public health body (track and trace) to alert you that you have had recent contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, we would appreciate you letting your General Manager know using our Covid QR code so that we can help you isolate for the required period.


Do I need to wear a mask in the property?

You will notice our team wearing masks when walking around the property and we ask all residents to do the same.  This is for the protection of everyone and is a simple step we can all take to make the property as safe as possible.


Are you still providing a maintenance service?

Yes.  We have implemented strict control measures to ensure that any maintenance required in your apartment can be carried out safely with minimal risk to you and the operative.  Our new protocols include a 2m social distance between maintenance operatives and members of your household.  Where this isn’t possible our staff will wear face masks.  Technicians will sanitise hands before entering your apartment and when leaving and wipe down all surfaces once the work is complete.  When we need to use external subcontractors we will ensure they agree to our new measures.  No non-essential maintenance will be carried out in apartments where someone is self isolating or shielding.


We continue to carry out tests on safety systems such as the fire alarm system. This will be done by our Maintenance Technician or Contractor who has to follow strict COVID 19 safe working practices.


If you have any maintenance issues please contact your General Manager as normal.


How can I collect my post?

Government guidance on the handling of post indicates that the potential risk of transmission of the virus in this way is very low. There is however a risk in receiving post and deliveries from the delivery agents and passing them to yourselves. Where our Residents’ Team take in mail and parcels we have implemented a safe working procedure for you to pick up your mail.


Are you carrying out apartment inspections?

Apartment inspections are a way to ensure that all our residents live in a comfortable and clean environment. We are currently reviewing our internal procedures to enable apartment inspections to be completed safely during this time.


What should I do If I am struggling to pay my rent?

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in the UK has provided additional advice to Landlords and Tenants to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak including the need for Tenants to pay their rent, and for Landlords to make reasonable adjustments for payment plans.  You can find out more by clicking here. Please contact us if you are facing difficulties so that we may discuss this further with you.

Established in 2010, Fresh manage privately rented accommodation across the UK & Ireland.

The UK law states that landlords have to check that each tenant is eligible to live in the UK. We are obliged to carry out checks to ensure that you have the right to rent before your application progresses. Please ensure you provide all the relevant information that supports your rental application. The checks are simple and relatively quick, but knowing what to produce before you enter the process will speed up your application.

Download the UK Governments Right to Rent Guide here for more information.


Download PDF

Download your handy guide to ‘How to Rent’ if you are moving from overseas or moving out for the first time.

Download PDF

Your health and safety is really important to us, which is why we’ve recently changed our approach to viewings so we can maintain social distancing in our properties and protect our staff and Residents.


Once we’ve received your enquiry we’ll have a quick chat with you to find out what you’re looking for and then suggest some suitable apartments.  We’ve uploaded video tours for most of our available apartments on our website and Facebook page for you to view.  This will give you an idea of the apartment’s size, layout and interior.


Once you’ve picked the perfect apartment you can arrange a virtual viewing with our General Manager at a time to suit you.  This will allow you to view the apartment in ‘real time’ and get a detailed tour of all the rooms and features.


Our General Manager will be happy to organise further video calls with you to answer any questions that crop up before you’re ready to start the booking process.  On request we can also discuss a face to face viewing if your chosen apartment is vacant.


Ready to book?  Our General Manager will run through the booking process via telephone or video call, we can now process Right to Rent checks remotely and the booking can be completed online.


We’ve also revised our move-in process so it meets with social distancing guidance.  Our General Manager will be able to give you more information about this too.

You can reserve an apartment on our website; availability is listed under ‘find your home’, click view apartments, and click book to start your reservation or click enquire if you have a question.


All prospective residents go through referencing checks carried out by Van Mildert to approve your eligibility to enter into a Tenancy Agreement. These checks must be completed within a maximum of 3 working days so it is important you speak to previous landlords, your employer etc to ask them to reply within this timeframe.  If you have had a CCJ within the last two years, we are sorry that you will not be eligible to live in our buildings.  If you have a CCJ older than 2 years, we ask that you discuss this with our General Manager before starting your application.

There are no upfront payments. Once all tenants have passed referencing checks, your first month’s rental payment is payable along with the Tenancy Deposit prior to you moving in.


If your tenancy starts on or before the 15th of the month, your first rental payment will cover the remainder of that month. If your tenancy starts on or after the 16th, your first rental payment will be the remainder of that month plus the full monthly rent for the following month.  Both payments will be calculated as your total annual rent divided by 365, multiplied by the relevant number of days.


Once your first payment is received, all future payments will be due on the 1st of each month.


We are also members of the Propertymark Client Money Protection scheme meaning that if you feel we have misappropriated your rent or deposit you can apply for reimbursement through the scheme.


You can download a copy of our Client Money Protection Provider’s accounting rules here


And here’s a copy of our accounting rules

Download PDF

Your deposit is kept safe with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (Custodial)

At the end of your tenancy, you will be contacted by TDS to agree to the repayment of your deposit (minus any proposed charges).

Once you have agreed this, TDS will normally return the deposit within 5 working days.

Please note that even if you move out before your tenancy end date, your deposit will not be returned until after the tenancy end date.


This type of insurance covers your personal belongings, loss or damage to all the things in your home which are not part of the structure or the building

This generally includes:
– clothing
– furniture
– jewellery
– electrical goods

Different policies offer different levels of cover but generally, you’ll be covered against theft, fire and flood.

We would highly recommend you take out a comprehensive contents insurance policy from a reputable supplier to protect your personal possessions.

An AST is the most common type of tenancy agreement and the majority of new tenancies are automatically assigned to this agreement. Before you move in, you should be given a tenancy contract to sign. Under an AST your tenancy usually lasts for a minimum of twelve months.
This agreement will outline how much rent you pay, who is responsible for any repairs or damages, and exactly how long your tenancy will be. From the start of this contract, you are committed to paying the agreed instalments on time.  Download to view a sample of our AST document.

Download PDF

Yes, but only in some locations. Please enquire and confirm before you book with us. There is a monthly “pet rent” charge of £25 per pet & this cost contributes to the additional communal cleaning and maintenance required. Please note that all pets must meet our approval before you move in and pass their pet interview.

We want you to love your time living with us but there may be times when we don’t always get it “right”. We take all complaints seriously and will try our best to fix any issues the first time. If you need help and advice, please speak with your General Manager first. To view our complaints procedure please download this guide.

Download PDF