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Pack up the boxes: Top tips for moving day!

Moving home is stressful – so whether you’re moving in to one of our buildings or leaving us for pastures new, we’ve pulled together a handy few tips to help make moving day a breeze.

The week before

  • Redirect your mail: Sort out a mail redirect and remaining life admin can be fixed at your new abode.
  • Eat up: Start eating the contents of your cupboards – you’re going to have enough to carry about without taking the perishables from your kitchen.
  • Draw up a plan: Are you using a removals van? Who is going to help? Make sure you have a clear idea of what’s going to happen, and when, on moving day.

The day before

  • Check the boxes: Which ones are fragile, which ones aren’t. Make sure it’s obvious!
  • You know the plan for moving day: When old keys are handed back and new ones collected.
  • Call the backup: Friends, siblings, parents – give a courtesy call to your potential helpers.
  • Prep your toolkit: Make sure you have accessible scissors, a knife, cleaning products, strong coffee…

The day of

  • Clean up: Keep that deposit and complete a deep clean after you’ve packed up all the boxes.
  • Check all meters and make a handy little note for the new tenant. Maybe even ask your new landlord to do the same for you.
  • Check all windows are secure, and appliances are off before you leave.
  • Ask an impartial party to do a sweep of your flat: Parents are always good at this.

Move in, unpack and make yourself at home!

If all of this still seems too much… never forget it’s your day. Take half an hour to put your feet up, put the kettle on and relax. If you’re joining us we recommend going for a walk, check out the common areas, the gym, and don’t forget to give the Residents team a shout if you need any help.

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